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Two Days in Moscow: A Spy Thriller

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At the height of the Cold War, Laura Messier is America's top female CIA operative. The KGB wants her dead. After failing to kill Messier in Paris, the KGB Chairman assigns the job to Russia’s best assassination expert, Ivan Ilitch. He's a cold blooded killer, an expert sniper who’s impossible to stop. His crimes are impossible to solve because Ilitch is a ghost. No records of him exist anywhere.
After Messier narrowly survives Ilitch’s attempt to kill her in Washington, the CIA refuses to open an investigation, calling the attempt a random act of violence. Messier begins an investigation on her own, turning to French Intelligence for help.
Once a source in the East German Stazi provides Messier with Ilitch’s name, he’s finally identified by a French mole buried deep within the Kremlin. Linking Ilitch to several unsolved political assassinations gives the French a legal basis to apprehend or kill him. Messier and the French plan a mission to kill Ilitch in Moscow and rescue the mole who risked his life by revealing Ilitch’s identity.
However, Ilitch and the KGB have their sources of intelligence, too. When Messier arrives in Moscow, she finds a team of four highly trained assassins waiting to kill her. Can Messier kill Ilitch and safely exit the country?
“Two Days in Moscow” is a globe-hopping, espionage thriller about a fight to the death between two highly skilled individuals, one American and one Russian. It’s a tense, taut fiction novel that’s a welcome addition to the genre of spy thrillers.

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