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The Twins of Aerobith Past, Present, Future & Prophecy

280 pages3 hours


Dalton and Dameter Dramer, 14 year old twin siblings, didn’t have the slightest clue that they were born wizards. Join with them as they discover their prophecy, and delve into their past, present and future. Will they succeed in preventing the downfall of their home wizard city of Aerobith?

Journey with the Dramer twins as they leave their only know home of Gravity Park and venture back to their new found home city, Aerobith. Dalton and Dameter Dramer will make new allies along their way such as; wizards, wizard nymphs, Prime Wizards and discover long lost relatives. They also will need to conquer dark creatures, dark forces, dark wizards, witches and much more!

The Twins of Aerobith (TTOA), will take the young adult/adult readers on an eventful and magical roller coaster ride of emotions. TTOA is full with a great deal of high fantasy and high magic that will leave the reader wanting more. Get ready to partake in the awesome adventures, magical quests, tests, and trials that Dalton and Dameter Dramer experience as they learn of their magical wizardry heritage.

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