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Sometimes faith is all we have left.

The defences of Ribe look certain to fail as King Viggo Odinsen throws more and more of his warriors at the palisades that protect the town.

The children finally arrive on the island of Skåne, and find that the people that live in the wilds around Lund are far from friendly. With so many of them travelling together, it is harder to slip around unnoticed. Ciara has spies everywhere and is determined to discover all she can about the location of Dalla, no matter what it might mean for the quest to find the arm rings of Yngvar.

Erland, Dalla, Christian, Riki, Eva, Wifrith, Pieter, Beatrix, Camilla, Oleg and Joas have many dark days ahead of them and only their faith in each other will let them survive their trials.

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