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Speed Reading: 33 Tips to Improve Your Reading Speed and Start Reading Efficiently

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Competition is everywhere - in the workplace, in our communities, at the gym, and even in our homes at times.  As humans, we are constantly searching for mechanisms, for tools that will give us an edge and this book will do exactly that.  Imagine having the ability to read all of your study materials for a big test in half the time it would normally, or think about going through research material for a sales prospect for work in a fraction of the time it usually takes you...these would put you at a distinct advantage, wouldn't it?

33 Tips to Improve Your Reading will not only give you tools to help you to read faster, but to more deeply comprehend the material you read.  33 Tips will having you reading faster, but also helping you comprehend the materials.  This isn’t a book for those desirous of reading at the rate of 4,000 words per minute, but it IS one for those of you who want increase speed significantly and maintain the ability to comprehend more material in a shorter period of time.

Whether it be at work, at school, or in private life, speed reading will become an immeasurably valuable tool to give you an advantage, an edge if you will.  

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