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Facesitting the Robber

15 pages12 minutes


*****Ready for your punishment? Lay down and prepare to get smothered!*****

Sexy young vigilante Christine tracks down the elusive male robber.

Proud in both her craft and her busty young busty.

The Domme is primed to tease the guilty and lead him him to his deserved punishement.

And so when she has the guilty party in her iron-grip clutches, cuffed and primed.

She whispers the words he will remember for a long time.........

........."Prepare to get smothered"!!!


This is part 1 of a 5 part series of a gang of sexy young female assassins.

The gang of cruel and twisted like minded Dommes are paid large sums of money through
the dark web to use their seductive ways to find their male marks and do what is neccassry
to get the job done!

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