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Sexy Assassin

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Trapped in the aftermath of her mother's death, Chris becomes an enforcer for the mob. She is a gorgeous, level-headed woman with a score to settle. A five foot, eleven-inch beauty with D cup breasts and an ass made in heaven, which leaves most men salivating in her wake. Her hair is cut pixie style giving relief from interference in performance of her work and freedom in the bedroom.
She is Uncle Joe’s go to girl, due to her talent with a needle and success oriented attitude. With approval from The Boss, she recruits her lover Trent, a six foot three Adonis who always looks like he just came from the gym. His eight pack abs and buff body, which women feign over, shows the dedication of a well-oiled machine. He is a no holds barred architect, with a background in engineering which both serve him well. With his civilian and military training, a working partnership is forged with Chris in the Family business.
Separately the two are talented forces bringing necessary abilities to the partnership in Family work and forging and sustaining their relationship. The lovers together with their individual specialties are an unstoppable duo. The Boss recognizes their potential for the family’s needs and takes full advantage of the gifts the two bring to be used for the organizations purposes.
As time goes on they attempt to find their way out of the savage occupation of The Family business and search for their elusive freedom. Chris has long dreamed of escaping to a normal life. With Trent as her blissful partner, they scheme and fashion a plan to make the dream a reality. The world wide web of informants for the Family is an overpowering obstacle. A single mistake may have terrible consequences for the star-crossed lovers.
Can they escape the hold of the Family or will they be dealt the same fate as their mob marks?

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