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How to Draw: 12 Secret Drawing Techniques You Can Easily Learn

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Are you trying to develop your skills around some form of creative expressions?  You might have probably considered the idea of being an artist who has excellent drawing abilities. You might have probably tried your hands on some drawing techniques and you are finding it very difficult getting a hold of the basics on your own. Not to worry, this is very natural for anyone trying to explore new territories. Depending on the methods one applies in achieving a goal, the process can appear either very easy or very difficult.  When a method of learning is not suitable, one then begin to assume that the learning itself is either very difficult or unachievable.  

The goal of this book is to help beginners with drawing while making the learning process much easier and faster. In a very short while, you can transcend the ladder of mediocrity to being an expert. In not time, you will be able to draw very exquisite patterns just like the ones you have often looked at and envied in time past. You can also make use of your drawing skills in presenting wonderful works of art that can also be known and admired all over the world. You can make creative expressions used in drawings and cartoons as well. The lists of what you can do with your drawing skills are endless.  

Within the pages of this book, you can find helpful insights and information about:


Some Instruments and Equipments Used for Drawing

Learning about Pencils and their Grades

Learn the Various Lines and Stroke Variations

Habits and Tips to Help you Develop your Drawing Skills Faster

Best Drawing Assessment and Tips

Some Practice Tutorials to Get You Started

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