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Off Grid Living: 33 Ways and Detailed Deractions on How to Exist Off-the-Grid and Handle Living in the Wilderness

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Off The Grid is a new, innovative approach to living, surviving, and even thriving under the most strenuous of circumstances.  That could mean wilderness living, it could mean taking your country home totally off the power grid, or it could mean the desire to just “disappear.”  Off The Grid will provide you with a number of those scenarios and solutions.

Living off the grid isn’t exactly the easiest undertaking in the world, but it can be done if there is enough adequate preparation, gathering of supplies, and a knowledge of terrain.  Off The Grid is going to help you with your preparation, necessary supplies, and a way to understand terrain and natural markers for direction.  It’s a book that you won’t want to put down, but rather you’ll want to comb through it over and over again until it is committed to rote memory.

Off The Grid is your doorway into complete, abject freedom from the worries and concerns of governmental interference and intrusion.  For that matter, it will keep you secure from annoying family members as well.  

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