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Buddhism for Beginners: 55 Ways to Improve Your Buddhist Meditation. Learn About Zen Buddhism, Buddhist Mantras, and Tantric Buddhism

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All of humanity since its inception has been seeking, desiring, and chasing after the elusive creature we most often call, “inner peace.”  Some have found it in religious constructs while others tap into their inner peace through physical exertion.  Whichever means delivers the desired result seems to be acceptable, wherein the axiom, “whatever works for you” finds its genesis. 

Buddhism for Beginners is an ebook that has been created with the express purpose of providing the reader with a new outlook, a new perspective on life and circumstances that Buddhism brings to light naturally.  Whether it be meditation, tantric Buddhism, or something as simple as lowering blood pressure by reducing stress, the 70 Ways will open up new opportunities, new passion, and ultimately, the inner peace humanity demands.

Is Buddhism a religion?  What does morality have to do with Buddhism?  Who was this Buddha?  What is the primary teachings of basic Buddhism?  What are the “noble truths?”  How do we gain and apply wisdom?  What is Tantric Meditation?  Do I have to forego my existing religious preferences?

Those questions and more will be answered within the pages of Buddhism for Beginners and answered in a manner that is easily understood and is not some etherial abstraction, but rather real-life experience and results.

Buddhism for Beginners is the ultimate guide for those interested in finding a new path of inner peace through Buddhism.  

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