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Bubblegum Princess: Bubblegum Princess, #1

112 pages1 hour



The classic picture book, BUBBLEGUM PRINCESS…

Tell your little princess how much you love them with this special picture book that's bound to evoke your deepest feelings for them. 19 heart-warming pages in all. 

And the brand new chapter book, BUBBLEGUM PRINCESS: PINKBERRY PATCH…

Melissa Alexander has a problem. While chewing a piece of bubblegum in English class, a cool sensation runs through her. Her skin brightens, eyes sparkle, and…wait a minute…is that pink hair?

Approximately 15,850 words.


Chapter 1: Tingle 
Chapter 2: Peculiar 
Chapter 3: No Problem At All 
Chapter 4: Skyward 
Chapter 5: Marnie 
Chapter 6: Gatekeeper 
Chapter 7: Teaser 
Chapter 8: Incomplete 
Chapter 9: Amiss 
Chapter 10: Awakening 
Chapter 11: Found 
Chapter 12: Alexandra 
Chapter 13: Flash 
Chapter 14: Hedgehopper 
Chapter 15: Schooled 
Chapter 16: Tears 
Chapter 17: Retribution 
Chapter 18: Truth in Numbers 
Chapter 19: Vermin 
Chapter 20: Replenish
Chapter 21: Memento
Chapter 22: Blue

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