"Revelation: Transition To New Era"

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"Revelation: Transition To New Era"

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"The Apocalypse" is a Bible Study of Revelation chapters 6 and 7, and verse 8:1.

Chapter headings in this ebook include:
- When Will The Apocalypse Take Place?
- White Horse: First Seal of the Apocalypse
- Fiery Red Horse: Second Seal of the Apocalypse
- Black Horse: Third Seal of the Apocalypse
- Pale Horse: Fourth Seal of the Apocalypse
- Fifth Seal: How Long Oh Lord?
- Sixth Seal: The Great Day of Wrath Has Come! Who Can Stand?
- 144000 Sealed: They Serve God Day And Night
- The Use of Numbers as Symbols in the Bible
- Dates: Historical and Anniversaries
- Seventh Seal: Silence for Half an Hour

Study / Discussion Topics include:
- A quick overview of significant events that have a bearing on today's dilemma
- God's covenant (the word covenant is used 332 times in the Bible)
- Understanding of prophecy and forecasts
- A discussion of each of "the seven seals" in relation to current events
- A re-evaluation of what is really meaningful in life
- Pray continually

Ebooks in the “Revelation: Transition To New Era” Series include:
1. Revelation: Transition To A New Era
2. Letters to the Churches
3. Good Churches
4. Churches: Part Good, Part Bad
5. Bad Churches
6. The Key of David
7. Heavenly Worship and The Sealed Book
8. The Apocalypse: 7 Seals Including 4 Horsemen (This ebook)

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