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Have You Seen Her?

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Although Ted Clifford, an avid kayaker, manages to fight off a shark, he ends up in the water, unconscious. A young woman, seeing his plight, swims out and brings him to shore. Using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, she restores his breathing. In and out of consciousness, he catches a glimpse of her and becomes love-struck. She, however, vanishes and nobody knows who she is. With only a picture of her in his mind, he sets out to find her.
By chance, while visiting a friend at the hospital, their paths cross again. Her name, he learns, is Samantha Palma but unfortunately, Dr. Simon Phelps, an older man, with whom she works in the emergency room, has a Svengali-like hold over her. When Ted insists on repaying her for saving his life, she reluctantly agrees to join him for dinner. They have a nice time and become good friends. Trying to parlay their friendship into love, he meets strong resistance from the doctor, who is planning to divorce his wife and marry her.
He accosts Ted, who is on his way to work, and warns him to stop seeing Samantha or else. Ted shoves him aside and walks away, leaving him behind, ranting and raving like a mad man. A short time later his wife, Victoria Phelps, disappears.
Alarmed by his erratic behavior, Samantha requests a transfer to a different department within the hospital. Furious at her decision, he curses and slaps her. Ted insists that she go to the police and get a restraining order against him.
Samantha tells Detective Tully that she is sure Dr. Phelps is responsible for his wife's disappearance. When he goes to question the doctor, who is on his yacht, the latter pulls out a revolver and shoots at him. The detective jumps into the water and the doctor flees across the harbor in his dinghy.
Making his way from Charlestown back to Beacon Hill, he climbs a fire escape and hops from roof to roof until her reaches that of Ted's apartment. There, he confronts the two lovers, who are sharing a pizza and some cold drinks on a picnic table. Brandishing the revolver and swearing at them, he is hell-bent on killing them.
Ted, whose hand is hidden beneath the table top, seizes a trowel from the base of a potted plum tree beside him and hurls it at the mad man. Stunned, he drops the gun and reels backwards whereupon Ted pounces on him. As the two of them roll around the roof, flailing and punching one another, the doctor bites Ted's fingers, nearly severing them. Gaining the upper hand, he jumps up and starts kicking the young man, who is writhing in pain. When he drags him to the edge of the roof and attempts to throw him over it, Samantha springs into action. She hits Dr. Phelps over the head with the potted plant and sends him hurtling to his death on the street below.
Rushing Ted to the emergency room, she makes sure he is well taken care of. Then, hand in hand, they saunter up Cambridge Street and through life.

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