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The Legendary Warrior Mindset

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The Legendary Warrior Mindset is a book that has evolved from individual blog posts published on the weblog site “Motivational Thoughts and Insights” over a period of one year, and each of them has been drawn from various inspirational sessions while observing everyday issues and a process of critical analysis with constantly thrown- up useful inferences. The whole idea is to motivate and inspire you all in a bid to get you to do more with your mind. This is why the entire book has been divided in to four major sessions which include: Mind Development; Motivational | Inspirational; Leadership | Team Building; Self-Improvement | Personal Growth. Obviously some of the topics would naturally fall under more than one session but for the sake of orderliness, each topic has been put under the session that seemed most relevant as at the time of compilation. Most of them had also been published on, and the relevant categories are the same deployed here. Every topic no matter how long or short carries a strong message and one can only advice that the reader pays diligent attention and tries to follow as each of them has been put together in a bit of a conversational manner so that you can get the message in a kind of ‘Talk’ mode. Like the popular slogan from the weblog “You will be Inspired!”

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