Odd Family Out: A Collection Of Short Stories

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Odd Family Out: A Collection Of Short Stories

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (1 rating)
Length: 104 pages1 hour


In 'Odd Family Out', Nick Nwaogu tells over a score of short-stories about his unusually odd family, using twenty-five chapters to introduce twenty-five fictional family members with contrasting personalities, including a fictional version of himself. The book starts with the introduction of his mother. "I always knew I came from a very odd family. There was mother—too short, too old-fashion, too simple, and too intelligent for a woman with no University education." He goes on to introduce himself in the following chapter. "And there was me—too short that I had to stand in the front row of every family photograph." 
Auntie Stacy discovers that Darren is also in love with her, but unfortunately he is just few seconds away from being married. Nick's cousin Adaeze moves to Lagos and falls in love with immature Ebuka. Sasha's celebrity obsession swings from ‘cuties with crazy abs’ to ‘hooligans who rapped about birthdays and candies’. In other words, Sasha dumps Trey Songz for 50 Cent. Little Vivian asks God to make her teacher choke on his breakfast and be left in a three-day coma, so she could make friends at school. Dera gets and loses ladies like breathing in and out. At thirty-nine, Auntie Florence meets her future husband at her mother's funeral. Little Michelle takes her life because she couldn't stop eating and gaining weight. Eddy falls in love at first sight (for the first time) with the girl next door.  
Amaka quits prostitution and completes medical school. Sixteen-year-old Bella loses her baby on Independence's Day. Mandy confesses that she had felt heartbroken all her life and it wasn't seeming to go away. Ethan gives Tessa her first kiss at the girl's bathroom. Uncle Humphrey marries the 'sweep in a peacoat'. Jane kisses Uncle Martin on her wedding day to Stanley. At twenty-five, Nnenna takes Sarah's advice and starts dating for the first time. Auntie Rose questions if she is in love with Richie while wearing the wedding ring of another man. Finally, Nick gets it right, and buys the perfect gift for his fictional wife Mary Joy. Nneka is abandoned by her husband who she is seven-months pregnant for. Young Alfred, born with autism, dies. 
'Odd Family Out' is a fine blend of love, heartbreak, comedy, new-beginnings, betrayal, and lust.

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