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Significance of Stellar Astrology

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By the term “Star” is meant that which is fixed and unchangeable and also motionless. There are myriads and myriads of these stars or jyotisa in the heavens. Out of these, there are only about 300 stars which are useful to the different globes or in other words have influence on them. All these countable stars are grouped into 27 group stars from Aswini to Revati. The three stars which resemble the face of a horse are called Aswini (Aswa-horse) and the three others in the form of a triangle are called Bharani, and similarly other groups, viz, Kritika, Rohini etc. First of all the Aswini group starts and to the
east of this is Bharani and to the east of this Kritika and so one. And in this manner all the 27 stars-groups are formed into a circle commencing from the east. This is called the Bha-Chakra or Zodiac. All these stars have occupied Akasa or heavens. also learn about use of Steller or nakashtras for accurate prediction.

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