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Explore the way to train READING skills, specifically from A to Z.
A mistake you are also catching easily in learning WRITING and SPEAKING, make your training didn’t improve and how to get over it.
How to not be ended your idea in WRITING exam.
And many useful lessons…

I always desire tips, methods, things I share in this book will be practical and useful in preference to hollow lies that are irresponsible. Therefore, while writing, I always imagine that I’m talking to myself from 5 years ago. I always think about my mistakes I made, inexperience of mine when contacting to a new language, and from that, I will come up the most sincerely guides, things I wish that if only I can turn back the time to 5 years ago, I will make a new life.
Moreover, I also take about 3 years to get in touch and direct starters to the new ways. I do so to comprehend profoundly matters, obstacles of us during learning English. Whereby, supplying essential instructions to make this book sufficiently and perfectly.
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