The Douglas Files: Books 1-4

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The Douglas Files: Books 1-4

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Length: 2,501 pages33 hours


Smart-aleck P.I. Jackson Douglas isn't your every-day detective . . . and it's a good thing too. Relying on his wits, an innate eye for detail, and a team that will never let him down, he'll go the distance to crack the case and provide his clients with a happy ending.

Overnight Delivery: Jackson will need all his wits to survey a day and night where nothing is as it seems.

Three's a Crowd: Jackson finds that working three cases at once is nothing compared to dealing with his three clients.

All an Illusion: For most guys, a week in Vegas with a beautiful girl would be a dream. For Jackson, it turns into a nightmare.

Shot List: Jackson is on the defensive when he becomes the victim of a shooter he can’t identify.

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