The Angel Trilogy: A Life Beyond Death

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The Angel Trilogy: A Life Beyond Death

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'What makes the human mind and the human race such a wondrous thing is not the suffering that occurs in the world; but the paths that the human mind takes when faced with that suffering.” “There’s always a choice.” I voiced. “Exactly that; there is always a choice.'
The Angel Trilogy tells the heart-wrenching story of a young person caught on the wrong side of life. Disconnected from his family, Callum attempts to deal with his new life in the best way that he can. But when life throws his family a series of curveballs, Callum has a choice. He must choose between the past and the future; the crushing pain and the chance of hope. Join Callum on his inspiring journey of self-discovery as he rekindles his inner fire and learns the true meaning of love.
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