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Length: 190 pages3 hours


A Mystery for Young Adults

When Mr Bennett, Head Teacher of Trenwith High School, dies in mysterious circumstances, suspicion falls on 18 year old JOE MERCER. Joe is the epitome of a young hooligan—permanently excluded from Trenwith High School, always hiding behind his hoodie, except for when he’s hooning around on his motor bike. Then it’s his full-face helmet that provides his camouflage.
But did he really do it? His best friends, wannabe professional rugby player SEB HOWELL, whose smile can make girls lose their balance, and Seb’s girlfriend EMILY BENNETT, the principal’s daughter, think not and set out to prove him innocent.
Joe is charged with Mr Bennett’s murder and, while in prison, he realises his feelings for his childhood friend, Emily, have grown from ‘brotherly’ love to something more. But Emily is Seb’s girlfriend and Joe knows he must respect that. Besides, Emily would never want to be with a loser like him.
As Emily’s pen tattoos reach further and further up her arms, their suspicions lead them to her mother. She, like Joe, has motive and opportunity. And neither of them can, or will, account for their whereabouts at the time of Mr Bennett’s death. The case is complicated further when another family member confesses to being involved.
It is not until the final harrowing court scene that the truth of their suspicions is exposed and the murderer’s identity revealed.
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