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Paleo Diet Cookbook For Beginners: 78 Delicious grain and gluten free paleo recipes and essentials to get started with the paleo recipes (Paleo Challenge)

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This book offers tons of useful information for getting started on the paleo journey, a very definitive approach
to starting as a beginner, and a conclusive approach to sustaining the paleo lifestyle.
Another great advantage this book has is that  it comes with 78 easy to make, non-intimidating,
grain and gluten free paleo recipes that will spice up your kitchen.

This cook book and beginners guide is a great buy and guarantees delicious mouthwatering recipes that
comply to paleo recipe guidelines. Enjoy this great start.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet

With the Paleo Diet we are trying to closely replicate the way early man used to eat. It means if the caveman could not eat it, then you cannot also! It means foods that can be hunted and found; meats, fish, nuts, regional vegetables, leafy greens, and seeds. It means cereal, candy and pasta are a no go area. Your food recipe options and dishes would be things like paleo spaghetti and chicken stir fry.
If you are like me, you also wouldn't like to keep tabs on your calorie intake. At least having to make a mental note of how much calorie you have consumed in a period of time. Keeping track of how much you have eaten can be a daunting task. Trying to worry over how many grams of a particular nutrient I have heard can also be herculean. We all know that there is a difference in the way 400 calories of doritos will affect our bodies and the way 400 calories of high quality vegetables and protein would.
 Here's the good news, you get to remove some certain types of dishes from your diet and you can stop bothering about the calorie count and all the likes, for the rest of your life! If you don't mind, I will like to suggest to you another way to eat that wouldn't require you to count calories, and also permits you to eat to your fill, to your stomach's limit; this type of eating can help you shed weight, build muscle and get in the best shape of your life. This is a tested and trusted approach to eating that has given several people mind blowing changes.

So how does the Paleo Diet work?

Many thousand years ago, the early man thrived as hunter gatherers. Though time has passed, we have not changed much. The-early man was tall, agile, muscular, athletic and very versatile, while on the flip side the today-man is overweight, stressed out, out of shape, sad, derived of sleep and gradually dying from several diseases that are actually preventable.
What actually happened in the space of time between the early-man and the today-man? Agriculture!
As early men grew and their civilization developed, early man discovered farming and before long the agricultural revolution started, and early man shifted from being a hunter-gatherer to farming. What we are today is as a result of that development.
The problem we are faced with today is that deep inside our bodies are genetically engineered to accept mostly just meats, seasonal fruits and vegetables, instead we are so dependent on grains- pasta, bread, corn, rice and so on.
The government is not helping matters by recommending 6 to 11 servings of grains every day, and as a result we are all getting fatter on a daily basis. Sixty six percent of us are overweight, Thirty three percent are considered obese, and those numbers are skyrocketing daily. You will agree with me that   something is not right and something has to be done to correct this mess.
The Paleo diet is a biological design, devised to help bring us back to the eating ways of the early man. It hereby allows us to tap into our genetic potentials and we start to live healthier lives on the spot!


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