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The Osidium Fully Charged: Urban Fantasy Anthologies 2, #2

73 pages55 minutes


Running to get out!

Tom Bracks is back in the second book in the series, and this time Tom has gone to Russia to find out who re-programmed him. A product of the CIA Tom has the latest scientific development - a microchip that compensates for his damaged brain cells.

Relations between Russia and the USA have heightened, and Tom has been used as a political football with both powers keen to gain his control. In the debut book in this series Tom’s micro-chip was reprogrammed and there was a battle against time to find out who reprogrammed him and why? In the follow up book Tom is sent to Russia to find the two scientists who interfered with him and interrogate them. But things go horribly wrong and the pair are murdered and Tom is blamed and becomes a wanted man. The story twists and turns and eventually when he gets back to the US he discovers the secrets behind what has really gone on. 

From the #1 Best seller of After Dark ‘The Story Begins’ comes another exciting and adventure packed series that is as exciting from Chapter 1 as it is until the end. 

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