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Taking My Daddy #21: 38 Sizzling Taboo Stories

Length: 322 pages7 hours


These virgins are getting reamed tonight!

You want these hot daddies to bang the ever-loving daylights out of their 18-year old daughters, right? And what if those daughters were virgins? Wouldn't that be better?

Come and get it!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

James works carefully to hang up his 18-year old daughter's delicates in the laundry room. He's done this sort of thing before—it's hard not to when you live together—but he's always worried about ripping or otherwise ruining them.

"Oh daddy," Aaliyah says, pulling the lint trap out of the dryer. "We have to remember to clean this out between loads."

"Oops," James says. "Right you are, thanks for reminding me."

He gives his little girl a smile and her heart skips a beat as she cleans off the lint trap and slides it back into place.

Aaliyah's mind wanders. And what is she thinking about? Well, truth be told, she's thinking about sex. She's a virgin, but ever since she turned 18 she's been thinking a lot about sex. What it would be like, who she'd like her first time to be with. Ideally it would be with somebody she trusts…somebody she feels comfortable with.

The only person in her life right now who fits that bill, though, is her daddy.

Aaliyah picks up a dress she really likes, one that's been ironed and folded already, but when she looks at it she sees the wrinkles are back.

"Aw," she says, and James turns to see what the problem is. "This dress is already wrinkled."

"Ah, that's not the worst problem," he says, giving her a smile. "Besides, I've seen you in that dress. You look amazing in it regardless."

Aaliyah can't help but smile.

"Thanks, daddy," she says, putting the dress back down. They smile at each other.

James feels a bit of relief wash over him.

All day he's been wondering if his horniness was going to take over him and make him do something that he might regret. But he's been able to hold back. Aaliyah seems completely in the dark about what he's been thinking, which is perfect. Now all he has to do is ride out the rest of the day without doing anything stupid, like considering having sex with his own daughter.

How hard can it be?

"Ahhh," Aaliyah says, giving her arms a stretch. "It's good to take a break, you know?"

"I hear that," her daddy says. She lowers her arms and looks at him, a devilish smile coming over her lips.

"So what do you want to do?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. James smiles back at her.

"I had a few ideas," he says, looking into his little girl's eyes.

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