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Strictly Gothic: A Midnight Rose Gothic Romance

387 pages5 hours


It gets dark and twisted when a Strictly Gothic Modern Photographer meets a Strictly Dead but Sexy Old World Vampire in rural Louisiana.

Serena Cole is on a road trip to take photos of abandoned cemeteries for an upcoming art exhibit. She discovers a spirit is following her, making appearances in her pictures. It seems she's awakened something dark, delicious and dangerous from beyond the grave. 

When Vampire Lord Simon Delacroix encounters the beautiful cemetery photographer, he knows she's the one destined to save him from a fate worse than being undead; becoming a monster. But something is interfering with the supernatural link between them. Simon must awaken his sleeping beauty to their shared destiny before a rival vampire makes her his next meal.   

Murder in the small town has everyone on edge. As the strangers in town with the habit of stalking about cemeteries, Serena fears she and her intern will be the prime suspects. It doesn't help when she discovers her intern has some disturbing secrets as he stalks the streets alone.

Serena needs Simon more than she realizes, but trusting a complete stranger, one claiming to be a vampire, sounds just this side of crazy! 

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