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She was the last thing he needed... and the only thing he wanted.

Stockard 'Pretty Boy' Manning is the real deal. He's THE All American, All Star athlete. He's quarterback of the number one team in his region. He's at the top of his game and has time for little else.
Veronica Franklin is a reporter on her first assignment. Her editor has sent her to interview top athletes to get to the bottom of the widespread steroid scandal that's been affecting every major sport in the past few years. The players don't want to talk to her though- they just want to hit on her every chance they get.

Stockard is not inclined to help the plucky young reporter, no matter how gorgeous she is. But when she tracks him down off duty, he has to put her in her place. The last thing he expected was to end up with her in his arms.

A note to my readers

I am thrilled to introduce my newest title TouchBack. It was a trusted family friend who gave me the courage to write my first book not so long ago. With each book I feel more confident and able to tell a story that will uplift and entertain.

In this story we have a young reporter who is breaking new ground in her field and a seasoned sports celebrity who are thrown into each others laps, and eventually, each others arms.

Thank you Rodney, for telling me to put my imagination to good use. And thank you to all you readers for keeping on me until I got the message!

I hope you enjoy TouchBack and continue to tell me the kind of stories you wish to hear!

Much Love Always,

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