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The Psionicist Guild: Introductory Text 1

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This is a textbook for the Psionicist Guild, outlining the experience some members who were willing to share their thoughts and experiences. As it was acquired with a quantum computer hacking system, the result is the non-linear time aspect of such devices has it obtaining a version a few hundred years in the future, with gives some insight in how we are viewed in the years that follow. In this series of short stories, you will learn how the legends of Ishmael, Byron, Linda and Augustus, began. You will also get to see vignettes, of Michael Smythe, and Damon Roth back in the 1980's on Earth, so hang onto your sanity, because this is where it all starts. Once again, the requirement of the government that backup systems are shared has allowed me access to the files of Department 1793, and their quantum computing systems. Now if I could just get those systems to show me the future stock commodity, or Forex markets, I would be able to give away all the books for free, until then, there is a small acquisition charge.
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