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Mind Games

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Adelaide “Addy” Blanchard was the star marketing executive at New Orleans Tourisme. She had made her most ambitious promise yet: to make New Orleans as popular as Paris in world tourism. Addy was the oldest of seven psychic sisters. She had the power of telepathy and had used her special ability to test and tweaked her ad in a number of international test audiences. What she could not have predicted was a natural disaster that her arch nemesis, Michael Leblanc would use to try and derail her campaign.
Addy met Tom Randall, an exiled heir to a Texas oil fortune who had since made it in the oil and gas industry of Louisiana. Tom was smitten by Addy’s rare air and confidence and he had to have her. Addy normally had no time for romance but she’s desperate after discovering Leblanc’s plan and decided to take a chance and mix business with pleasure.

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