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The Awakening



Angels and fallen angels have long been at war with one another - for ages in fact, each seeking to gain supremacy over the world and each other. Earth has become the final arena, and each faction is seeking to prove their right to rule the breadth of creation. To avoid upsetting the balance among these powerful entities, the Council of Angels was born. Comprised of select individuals, the Council’s job is to ensure that balance is maintained. They must safeguard the existence of humans and protect them from harm, while keeping their own existence secret.

The two classes have never mixed - until someone decides to experiment and create an abomination among angels, a hybrid – part angel, part human, part fallen angel – and Alex Constance, the teenager who was the target of this experiment, is thrown into a world of evil deals, vicious revenge, and a search for her lost love, the fallen angel Nathaniel Arcais Corvix. The first of her kind, no one knows what to expect of her abilities, but she quickly learns how to make the most of her new power. Unable to continue her normal life at home, she’s sent to Crest, an angel training facility masquerading as a prep school. There, secrets reign supreme. But when she finds out her human friend, Trey, is caught up in a fallen angel deal and she’s asked to kill the man she loves, she is unable to trust anyone. Who is friend? And who is foe? Will her affection for one man seal her fate and become her undoing? Or will this classic tale of good versus evil lead to a new order among angels, one that will change the course of the world forever?

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