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Timothy Chyme In Majixland Part Two

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“Magnificent. Frightening!” The words jumped past Timothy’s lips as he gazed in awe at the beast circling high over the Onyx palace and still loomed enormous against the hyper-blue sky.
“What manner of creature are you?” he pondered aloud as he studied it.
The beast aloft had the body of a mighty mare dressed in a silver coat with powerful equine legs tapering to golden hooves and adorned with the talons of a great bird of prey.... Upon its shoulders, perfectly balanced and fitted... was the head of a dragon as blue as sapphire with eyes the colour of rubies and horns as black as pitch....and the tail was long and coiling like a snake.
And last....It’s wings....A grand display rivaling those of a Gryphon...silver and blue with shades of amber.....
“What are you mighty beast?” Timothy asked wistfully.
“It is a version of a Qilin.” A squeaky little voice came from behind Timothy.
He turned casually and.....looking down he spied a creatures he might have called a ground hog....except that it stood on its hind legs and dressed very much like a medieval Cavalier.
Just as casually Timothy inquired....And what and whom might you be?”
The little Cavalier removed his hat in a sweep and bowed deeply....”I... my good sir am Eifion, keeper of the Qilin.”
“A stable boy.” Timothy teased playfully.

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