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The New Way of Blessing - Using Your Blessing

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Using What you Have Already Discovered - If you have not seen it yet, look out for Part 1 of this series. The New Way of Blessing - Discovering Your Blessing. This book is part 2 in the series and carries on from part 1 - Discovering Your Blessing. You have now discovered your blessing, and you have even learned how to stop what is blocking it. Now it is time to release it and receive from God what He has promised you. God has given His blessing to every believer. There are steps that you can take to release that blessing and see it work in your life.

Do you want to get healed? Do you want to walk in prosperity and blessing?

Then you need this series, because it will show you how to live The Life of Blessing that God intended for you. This book will cover the practical side of how to live this kind of life.

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