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One Teacher's Life

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One Teacher's Life is a fictional account of Brian Miller's life both in the classroom and out. It presents his ruminations on topics such as grading, interactions with administration and staff, intimacy issues with students, the joy of a successful lesson, lesson plans--not, the complexities of being a gay teacher, the difficulty of maintaining excellence in a proscribed environment, and much more. Ancillary elements include teacher evaluations, samples of literary exegesis, anecdotes, and reflections on life in more unfettered times. The book is not a manual or a guide. But all the various chapters, and episodes within them, are parts of a mosaic, the 'tiles' (tesserae) that make up one person's life-mosaic, each meaningful on its own but gaining greater meaning when in combination to form One Teacher's Life. (This piece-of-a-whole concept inspired the book's cover.) The observations are presented with humor--and angst. There is much joy, but pain as well. His moments of euphoria with his students are tempered by the frustrations of a confining professional atmosphere. The reader can ride this emotional roller-coaster with Brian Miller as he shares the tesserae of his life as a teacher.

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