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Going Off the Grid with Campfire Recipes: 25 Survival Recipes You Can Cook without Electricity: Prepper's Cookbook

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Eating off the grid might sound a little strange but it can actually be a fun experience for most.  Thousands of people each year go off on a survival or camping weekend and they enjoy it; in fact, they love it!  It can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience and you can get a great sense of reality and what skills you really have.

Cooking without electricity is possible even though very few know how to cook outdoors without the use of electricity.  However, there are plenty of simple and tasty dishes you can prepare without the need of an electric stove.

Getting back to nature can be simple when you put your mind to it. 

Inside You Will Learn:

What Off The Grid Cooking Is 25 Recipes You Can Try Out While Going Off The Grid Tips To Help Keep Food Safe From Animals How To Store Food Safely Basic Errors To Avoid When Cooking Outdoors And Much More

This really could give you the inspiration to go to the great outdoors.

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