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How to Protect Your Assets and Preserve Your Hard Earned Capital

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This book is written for the everyday individual as an eye opener what is currently going on in the financial markets. The author reveals and discloses what your broker, banker and or mutual fund manager is not telling you. Secrets! We've all been duped into thinking the traditional model of investing is the way to go. It's called psychological influence. There is a serious issue right now in our society. 72% of Americans born between the years of 1946-1964, are going back into the work force. You see it everyday. Grandma's and Grandpa's working at the cash registers in your local grocery store. How could this be? This is the result of not having the right financial education to assist in proper planning for protecting, growing and preserving their nest eggs. 53% of American households will not have enough for retirement. It's true. That's over half of the American population. The Securites & Exchange Commission conducted a study saying half of investors didn't understand or realize the different levels of care that were provided between brokers, mutual fund managers, bankers and fidiciuaries. That's a huge problem. The objective of this book is to get the reader to understand what they may not know now, as well as the many options available for you to ride your life right off into the sunset by lowering your risk and increasing your yields in half the time it would in a traditional model. The author reveals the ultimate solution to sustaining your same lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle for years to come. The author understands the value of the family name and the legacy most people want to leave behind. Let the truth be told, most investors are losing more than their making, simply by not being aware. After reading this short impactful book, the reader will be equipped with knowledge on how to protect, grow and preserve their assets for years to come, with a unique investing model that has been around for decades upon decades.

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