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Dimensional Man: Genesis

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I get my car back, from the government people and I drive home. It appears that I’ll need to relocate. Then again, the government people can probably find me, anywhere I go. I fix a huge meal and eat, as I gather the things that I’ll need for tonight’s assignment. I then go for a walk along the stream that runs near Brown Deer Road. I get near Mr; Ibriham’s house. I walk from the bright light, under a street lamp, into the dark shadow, under a tree. I disappear. (Actually, I don’t disappear, I go up into the fourth spatial dimension. However, I’m no longer visible in the three dimensional world, as long as I don’t cast a shadow, into the three dimensional world.)
(The three dimensional world contains three spatial dimensions, normally called X, Y and Z. Of course, the three dimensional world also contains time. The fourth dimension is impossible to explain to those living in three dimensions, the words and concepts are just not there. Let’s examine a two dimensional world, represented by a piece of paper [X, Y] dimensions. You then draw a circle around part of the paper. You then write something inside the circle. What you just wrote is hidden from the inhabitants of a two dimensional world, because of the barrier circle. However, the inhabitants of a three dimensional world can read what you just wrote, with ease, because of dimension Z. If you try to explain the situation to an inhabitant of the two dimensional world, the inhabitant tells you, “There is no such thing as dimension Z, you speak nonsense.”)
In many situations, dimension 4 me doesn’t have to cast a shadow into the three dimensional world. However, in some situations, I do have to cast a shadow. I can ‘look around’ your three dimensional world, from dimension 4. I move to the house of Mr. Ibriham and then to the safe that contains the document that I’m to copy. I look around and see no one. I then cast a three dimensional shadow. My three dimensional shadow then reaches into the safe, via dimension 4, and I open the cover of the list that I’m to copy. (My three dimensional shadow can manipulate objects in three dimensional space, but, of course, not in dimension 4 space.) I check the image, via the view finder of my camera and I snap the picture. I then find that the list is two pages long. I flip to the second page and snap anther picture. I then close the cover of the list and place things as they were.
I detect no movement around me, but the flash from my camera may have alerted someone. I move back into dimension 4 space and then move to where my shadow doesn’t project into three dimensional space. I pause to pocket my camera and then I move back to three dimensional space, in the same tree shadow where I entered dimension 4 space. I then walk on.
I walk only a short distance further, along the stream that runs near Brown Deer Road. I’m then accosted by several burly young men and then whisked away to a meeting with the same man who dispatched me on my mission to Mt. Ibriham’s house.
I face the man who dispatched me to Ibriham’s house.
He asks me, “Did you get the information.”
I reply, in a level tone of voice, “I have some information. The information is for your supervisor. I need to speak directly to your supervisor, because you’re too stupid to understand what I have to say, Is that clear, you stupid son of a bitch?”
The man recoils back. He then says, “Mr. Dorn, are you looking for trouble?”
I lean forward and lecture, “I’m going to assume that everything that we say is being recorded. Tonight, I walked along the stream that runs near Brown Deer Road. It’s a pleasant place to walk, with the gurgling of the little stream and the wind in the leaves of the trees along the stream. If I chance to meet someone, I say, ‘Good evening.’ Chances are they reply, in kind. They probably don’t really remember the meeting, just a couple of neighbors passing by.

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