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Almost everyone has an opinion about what prayer is and how it ought to work. But for many, prayer produces far less than the saints say it should. While some surveys suggest that up to 90 percent of us believe in prayer enough to do it daily, that lofty statistic is tempered by the sobering claim that average believers only pray for eight to twelve minutes a week. If that's not a red warning flag that prayer has a serious public relations problem, what is? Praying When Prayer Doesnt Work is a thoughtfulsometimes wittyaccount of Jack Corbin Getzs journey to find prayers promise during his own difficult times. A pastor for thirty years, Getz uses humor, scripture, real-life stories, and his own unique experiences to illustrate how lifes ups and downs can be used to trigger meaningful, ongoing, and productive prayer. While challenging assumptions with unconventional observations, Getz explains common prayer perceptions, identifies the perfect environment for prayer, and examines the three critical attitudes necessary for successful prayer. The wisdom and helpful suggestions included in Praying When Prayer Doesnt Work will teach others how to get personal with God and make prayer a choice, not a chore.
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