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This work is a continuation of Volume I, in style and substance and the work covers various topics. The writing is an anthology of love, decency, sin, greed and immorality. It brings elements into focus so the reader can compare and reconsider his/her own behavior and character. If possible, the work should be viewed and read together with volume I. The writing is not as a simple concept however I am hopeful that it will be effective. Since beginning the work my wife has died, thus I dedicate what I have done to her remembrance. After sixty two years of friendship the loss is incredible, more than one might imagine, difficult to bear.,br> The writing mentions only a few by name however the reader can participate by adding his/her own choice of personalities. The problem with a work that is critical is that most overlook the element of sin, what is really wrong or they look in the wrong places. Additionally individuals do not want to accept sin. Generally, most people know right from wrong. Since most all people know right from wrong, they rationalize or explain all wrong away as something else. Most everything in this world is wonderful nevertheless a moment of inadvertance can lead to great hardship and sadness. It is important to keep things in a decently formulated order, as they should be and to not let emotions interfere with a decently tranquil existence. This is not easy however is certainly possible.
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