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Not until you actually teach can you know if you've chosen the right occupation. All the books, theories, and classes on education fail to adequately prepare you for that critical moment when you stand before those students and attempt to win them over.This is a story of a young woman's struggle to do just that. She soon learns what teaching really entails. Her mentor and resource teacher, John Cordray, leads her on a journey of understanding, uncovering the true meaning of education. She will come to know the real purpose behind testing and grades, discipline and rewards. Cordray educates Kelly by uneducating her, and in so doing, she will come to realize what education really means. Kelly's story demystifies the school system, unearthing the true intent behind testing and learning. It is a story that takes you into the world of education, revealing what can happen to even the most veteran teachers. Just when it appears that all is lost, new possibilities emerge that will force Kelly's hand.
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ISBN: 9780595906208
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