You Dont Need Talent to Succeed, But Everything Else Counts shines the spotlight on your abilitiesmy abilitiesanyones abilities. We all have the ability to be kind, to strive for excellence, and to keep promises. Were able to be on time for appointments, willing to learn new things and share. The list of our abilities is as long as a giraffes leg, and this realization isnt rocket science. Yet, the phenomenon of discovering you already have what it takes to succeed is as potent as any fueled rocket at blast off! Hector Hernandez offers eight simple yet powerful solutions that will unlock your abilities to succeed: " Reaching your higher self " Rehearsing victory " Feeding your thought processor " Shifting your thinking " Buoyed by the source, " Number one and number two: do not disturb, " Welcome new experiences " Understanding have versus get You Dont Need Talent to Succeed is like a safe containing something precious. Imagine that its secured with a combination lock. As you acquaint yourself with each chapter, youll virtually be turning the dial. Before you know it, youll crack the entire code and confidently map your journey to a successful future.
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