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Nathan could hear Anna rustling around in the kitchen. The woman had bought out the grocery store and stocked the cabinets and fridge like she was preparing for the end of the world. His own hunger clenched at his stomach as he searched the house for Guillermo. The master vampire wasn’t indoors, so Nathan went outside to the backyard and found him sitting at the edge of the heated pool, swishing a toe in the water.

As Nathan came up behind Gui, he noticed the vampire was wearing a Speedo. And while it should have been funny, the sight was anything but. Guillermo looked like he was born to swim the English Channel, tall and leanly muscled, with narrow hips and well developed arms.

You found me. Guillermo smiled, but it couldn’t cover the worry on his brow.

You look good.

Oh, these. Guillermo pointed to his tight briefs. I wanted to swim, but since Anna is here, I chose to be modest.

Good plan. I’d hate for her to go into labor because she saw you naked. Nathan rolled up his pant legs and sat next to Gui, placing his feet in the water as well. He smoothed his fingers across his lover’s back. Warm.

Yes. It is a heated pool.

I wasn’t talking about the water. Guillermo’s skin was flushed with a fresh feeding, and Nathan’s own hunger rose.

Are you looking for a snack, Nathaniel? Or a full meal?

How could I want anything less than the whole package from you?

You used to find me repulsive.

I never found you repulsive. He kissed Guillermo’s neck. I found myself repulsive when I couldn’t accept what I was. I still struggle a bit with the whole vampire thing, but because of you I’m more content than I could have ever imagined.

Are you certain?

Yes. What’s going on, Gui? Did I do something?

No, and yes. Tyr has decided not to see Nadine any more. And she says it is because of you.

Does she know about…

He did not tell her, and neither did I, but I cannot understand why he would not want to share her bed if he did not have expectations of sharing yours.

Is everyone hormonal? You are the only one I plan to share my bed with. I swear I don’t know anything about this.

"Lo siento. I am being foolish. Gui’s hand slid to Nathan’s jaw line as he placed a kiss on the younger vampire’s lips. He turned his head to the side and bared his neck. Feed. Then we must prepare. According to my sources, the Brotherhood is going to attack in the next week, and while I do not believe they will catch us unaware, I’m not arrogant enough to believe the security system for this place is enough to stop their magic."

Nathan’s lips brushed over Guillermo’s jugular vein. I still find it hard to believe these guys live without blood.

"They do not live, amante. Merely survive. They use their sorcery to dampen the hunger, but they have lost their minds in the process due to their single purpose."

A Vampire Taken

Kansas City Vampires Book 3

G.R. George

Published 2017 by Book Boutiques.

ISBN: 978-1-946363-01-5

Copyright © 2017, G.R. George.

All rights reserved.

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Nathan Greer’s unlife is getting turned upside down. His lover, Guillermo Perez, has just bought them a mansion to house Nathan’s vampire servant Tyrsgard Madds, his pregnant ex-fiancée Anna, and Gui’s right-hand, Nadine. And a surprise visit from his mother and two of her PFLAG friends isn’t helping matters.

If that’s not bad enough, an old faction of fanatic vampires, the Brotherhood of Truth, is trying to kill Nathan and his unborn child because they believe the child will bring about the destruction of all vampire-kind.

Reality is crumbling for Nathan as he begins to dream again, awakens during the daytime hours, and learns there is more to his struggle with his Beast than he could have ever imagined.

On this journey, Nathan and Guillermo discover that truth is stranger than fiction.

Previously Published

(2006) Changeling Press | (2016) G.R. George


Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs, Tibbs Design

Chapter 1

Remarkable town and country presence the ad had read. As the car passed through the iron security gates and up the long driveway, heavily wooded on both sides, Doctor Nathan Greer couldn’t help but wonder what the hell he’d gotten himself into. The three-story stone house sat ominously nestled amongst blossoming cherry trees and pink dogwood. Two portentous chimneys rose from the top, adding to the air of gothic.

Nathan leaned his head against the car seat. How’d you manage to get the real estate office to give you a key?

I asked. Guillermo smiled as they stepped out of the car and took Nathan’s hand, leading him up the front steps and under a large arch to the mahogany double door.

I don’t know about this, Gui.

Give it a chance. It is private and secluded. He pulled the key from his pocket and unlocked the front door.

Nathan was stunned as he walked in. The foyer was tiled in black marble, and the walls a pale shade of sage. They walked through into an enormous living room with a ceiling that vaulted to the third floor. Red oak hardwood floors served as the base to the room, the walls were painted a deep gold, and a stone fireplace served as a focal point in the right corner.

Holy shit.

"So, what do you think, amante? Guillermo’s arms encircled Nathan’s waist and he rested his chin on the young vampire’s shoulder. It is big enough, no?"

Nathan patted his lover’s hands and sighed. He looked around the empty living room. Big enough wasn’t the problem. Freaking huge barely covered the description. It’s fine.

Three months had passed since he’d found out his ex-fiancée Anna was pregnant, and only two days since the paternity test proved beyond a doubt he was the father.

What is wrong then? Guillermo turned Nathan in his arms until the front of their bodies pressed close. "Tell me what troubles you, mi amor."

Oh, where do you want me to start? Nathan pulled away and walked to the middle of the room. "Well, let’s see. I am in a gay relationship with a master vampire, my mother has joined PFLAG, I have a seven-foot, seven-hundred-year-old Viking servant who is dating the bitch who turned me into a vampire, and my ex is undeniably pregnant with my child. And if those things aren’t bad enough, I’m considering letting you buy this big-ass monster palace to house everyone! Does that about sum up my troubles for you?"

It is a miracle, yes.

Nathan’s life made his head spin, and all Guillermo could say was it’s a miracle. Which part?

"Anna being embarazado, pregnant."

Oh, that’s the understatement of the century. I’d have called it impossible if I didn’t have proof. Nathan plopped down cross legged on the unfurnished floor. Knowing my luck, the baby will be born with fangs and a tail, shooting fireworks from its butt every time it farts. He sighed again. Tell me again why we should all live here?

"Amante, mi amor, living with Anna was your idea. You are worried about her having a healthy pregnancy, and that is understandable. I have grown fond of her as well. And your apartment is muy pequeño, too small for her to live there, and you practically live at my place when you are not working…"

I’d hardly call one drawer and a little closet space living there.

Semantics. Guillermo waved his hand and tsked. Tyr must come because he is bound to you, and you would not be able to keep him out if you tried, and Nadine, well, she is a necessity to me and my business.

Nathan groaned inwardly. At least with Tyr around, Nadine might not be in his face all the time.

Kneeling behind Nathan, Guillermo laced his fingers through the coarse brown hair. He leaned forward and pressed his face to the bend in Nathan’s neck. "It is for the best, amante."

I suppose, Nathan grumbled, but his worries were already disappearing under Guillermo’s gentle touch.

"Just think. We have an apartment over the four-car garage for when your madre visits, and Anna can live in the courtyard house, so she is close, but still has privacy. It is perfect."

Nathan leaned his head back against Guillermo. The way the master vampire rolled his R’s in the word perfect would have sent him to the floor, if he hadn’t already been sitting there. God, you know how to say all the right things in just the right way. Rubbing his face against Guillermo’s cheek, he added, Can you really afford this?

"It is only money, amante."

"Nearly four million dollars of only money. It’s too much."

Nathaniel, he began—Nathan knew when Guillermo used his first name like that it meant he was irritated—I have so much, and never a reason to use it. My needs are small, my means large. Let me do this for you. His voice lowered, softened. For us.

How could Nathan say no to him? All right. For us.

Guillermo turned and kissed him hard on the lips. "Muy bien! I have already purchased the property."

You did what— Nathan’s words were cut short by another kiss. Hey, no fair.

Guillermo stood, his black hair falling over his eyes. Is there not an American custom to christen a new home? He wasted no time before his shirt and pants hit the floor.

Sweet Jesus. Nathan took a moment to admire Guillermo’s firmly muscled body, broad chest, narrow waist and hips, long, lean legs, and an already hard cock pointing in Nathan’s direction. Why, yes, he finally said. I think there is.

Your turn. There was no play in Guillermo’s words, and his dark, charcoal irises gazed at Nathan with unmatched intensity.

Guillermo dropped to his knees again, crawling toward Nathan, his body moving gracefully, powerfully, like a predator. He used his hands to crawl up Nathan’s legs, tugging at his jeans. Off, Guillermo snarled, using his teeth to unsnap the top button.

Nathan’s fingers went to his zipper automatically, but Guillermo slapped his hand away. "Quiero. He growled. I am going to savor every moment, slowly, and you are going to let me."

I don’t know if I can.

"Me confia, mi amante?"

Yes, yes. I do trust you.

Leaning his head back and closing his eyes, Nathan prayed for the strength to give Guillermo what he wanted—control.

Guillermo’s mouth bit through the dense fabric, feeling Nathan’s hard length with his teeth. Every caress brought a new noise from his lover’s throat, some whimpering, some primal, but each one charging Guillermo’s desire. He drew back, watching Nathan’s face as he tugged the tight jeans over his hips. Taking Nathan’s cock into his hand, he admired the firm, smooth shaft, which arched to the right. He lifted the