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101 Writing Exercises for Fiction: The Write Ideas Series, #5

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You want to be a better writer. 
You want to develop your writing skills. 
You want to learn how to think like a writer, to craft powerful stories, to entertain, to inspire and amaze.
Here are 101 writing exercises to help you do all of those things.

101 Writing Exercises for fiction is an action packed toolkit for anyone interested in writing fiction. 

From beginner to pro, there isn't one writer who can't benefit from writing exercises. 

The writing exercises in this book will help you to:
Develop strong characters
Develop viewpoint
Find ideas for stories
Understand story structure
Understand writing for different audiences
Have fun with your writing!

If you want to write fiction of any kind, in any genre, 101 Writing Exercises for Fiction will help you write, write stronger, and write more.

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