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Cape Canaveral, Florida

Early 21st Century

All those many years ago, had I known what would come after this; would I still have done it? The Hawking probe was considered by many to be a waste of time and money. Several times it had almost been cancelled. Somehow we managed to keep it afloat. I think determination against all odds and wanting this to become a reality so much, helped. Then finally at last I was given the official green light and launch date to proceed with the mission. That was one of the happiest days of my life. An even happier one was the launch day itself. It was however not without its moments of tension and drama that I still vividly recall as project leader of the Hawking program.

Doctor Bethany Yoganda you are required at the ground control centre for launch briefing. Please proceed there now, states a ground command communication officer over the intercom.

Bethany makes her way over to the briefing room, which is adjacent to the ground central control room. She walks up to the podium and then begins to speak.

This will be our final briefing before we launch the Hawking probe today. Everything is now running as we have scheduled it and within the allotted deadline. The probe-greeting message to any potentially sentient extra-terrestrial life forms is now being compiled and finalised. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this mission. It has been a long hard road for all of us but our journey is almost at its end. But the Hawking probes mission will only just begin in three hours with its launch to the stars and beyond. Now it is time to see whether all our many years of hard work will pay off, states Bethany as she finishes and prepares for the upcoming launch.


In just a few more minutes the Hawking probe will launch from Cape Canaveral. Inside it contains sophisticated tools designed to detect planets that are able to sustain human life and that may be suitable for future colonisation. The probe also has highly advanced proximity detectors and a specially prepared extra-terrestrial greeting message.  So if this probe makes contact with any extra-terrestrial life we will know about it on Earth. Although the time it takes to broadcast back to Earth may vary, reported scientists working on the program. The weather today is a very pleasant 26 degrees Celsius. It's all blue skies and sunny, ideal conditions for today's launch. Let's hope the good weather holds out a little bit longer. The launch countdown is also happening in just one more minute, states the media commentator for the Hawking probe.

Bethany anxiously awaits the final minute of the launch with her ten year old son Martin and husband, Michael. Martin has always been allowed to sit in on all the mission briefings for the Hawking program. He had learned much about space and all the amazing communication systems. But what interested him most was the possibility of the probe making contact with aliens from other worlds. He wondered what they would be like, would they have the same interests as us or would they be completely different. Such concepts fascinated and fuelled young Martin's imagination to no end.

Ten seconds to launch, 5,4,3,2,1. The moment of truth had arrived for Doctor Bethany Yoganda and her team as the final second of the launch countdown ticked over. She hoped that this time the probe would launch without any issues, unlike the two previous launch attempts that had crashed to the ground in flames. This time though she was sure they had gotten it right and had tripled checked every component of the probe, to make certain this time would be successful.

...Zero and launch, yells the announcer excitedly as the Saturn 22 rocket boosters that are attached to the probe blast downwards enormously propelling it upwards. Slow at first but then quickly increasing in velocity roaring up and through the clouds and eventually into space.




4 Million Six Hundred and Seventy Two Light Years from Earth

At the exact same time across the other side of the universe 10 year old Naadria Estaria begins a deep space exploration mission with her father Vaazaan, leaving her Planet Feyng far behind her. Although she is happy to leave her home world, Naadria has always felt different to her peers. She always loved games that were of a competitive nature and always loved winning. She hated losing in anything, unlike any other Feyngarians that did not like competitive games at all. They also disliked the concept of winners and losers. Not long ago it was decided by the Grand Council of Feyng that competitive activities were determined to be detrimental to all Feyngarians mental health. So all such activities were made forbidden and removed from all of Feyngarian society. Naadria then felt like she was the only person on the planet who missed those activities and because of that she felt very alien and alone. She looked and talked like a Feyngarian but she did not feel like one of them at all. She often wondered if there were other intelligent life forms in the vast greatness of the universe that were like her. To meet such beings like that would be a most wonderful dream come true. She finally would have beings in which she could relate to and would understand her. She could have a real connection, so when her father announced his deep space exploration mission during mealtime, she immediately begged her father to petition the Grand Council so that she could go with him as well. It was to be the escape she so badly needed from a society that she felt would not miss her anyway.

Father, do you think we shall find intelligent life out there somewhere? asks Naadria.

I do hope so Daughter Naadria for it would be a great shame of going to such a great effort to build such a sophisticated scientific space vessel and return home with nothing for all our hard efforts. I pray creator Zaavuura favours us and shall help lead us to what we seek, replies Vaazaan.

After many months of creating stable wormholes by the crew, the ship passes through other parts of the universe and not a trace of intelligent life has been discovered by the Feyngarians. Vaazaan's crew are starting to become restless travelling through space for so long with just each other for company, unaccustomed to long absences from the their friends and family. They long to return home to their planet Feyng soon.

Xaarduen Vaazaan, never has a Feyngarian had to travel for so long and so far from home. It is not our way to be a space faring people. Even Elder Rennsaa, great direct descendant of the creator itself said that we are to only dwell on the lands that give us sustenance and unity. Out here there are no such lands of sustenance and unity. There is only the vast void of space with few planets dotted along the way. All we are achieving is division amongst us all. I implore you to abandon this foolhardy expedition. It is clear we are only intelligent life in this universe. We are the creator's chosen people. It made no other like us to rival us. Why can you not see this Vaazaan? declares high priest Luuvra.

Perhaps you are right Luuvra.  Our journey may have been misguided from the beginning. Very well, tell all of the crew we shall be returning home as soon as the coordinates are configured and relayed into the ships system. Which will be in...?

Xaarduen Vaazaan! An unidentified vessel has been detected on our ship’s long range scanner. Its structure is completely foreign to us and all known elements, states Officer Kyynaan.

Excellent spotting, Officer! My apologies high priest Luuvra but I must postpone our return to Feyng. This sudden development has appeared to have renewed our expedition. We cannot let pass an opportunity to investigate a potential alien vessel. Who knows what it may lead to! replies Vaazaan excitedly

That is what I fear; do we even know what terrible path this may take us down? Creator Zaavuura, please be merciful from the horror that may now be unleashed upon us and for straying from your righteous path! pleads Luuvra.

Do not fear, you are about to become a part of a wondrous new chapter in Feyngarian history. Officer, plot out a new wormhole course that shall take us to the unidentified vessel, commands Vaazaan.

Wormhole course has been successfully established. We are ready to depart on your command, states Officer Kyynaan.

Well done, Officer onward we now venture to this mysterious vessel. That may change everything we know and believe, exclaims Vaazaan as he and his crew continue onward on autopilot through the artificially created wormhole and travelling well over two million light years in a matter of weeks.


Three weeks have passed. The crew of the science ship Uuargenn leave the wormhole after reaching their destination. They carefully approach the alien vessel; scan it thoroughly before retrieving and moving it into their cargo bay.

This vessel has cryptic, possibly symbolic markings all over it. How very curious. I have never seen a language quite like this; it could take years to decipher this vessels true purpose. It may be a weapon or simple rescue beacon. The sooner we return to Feyng, the better, states Xaarduen Caasumaan.

Yes, back to Feyng we shall now go. Once we are home I will start working with you Caasumaan on discovering the purpose and origins of this alien vessel. There is also another person I wish to show our new discovery. She may be even more excited at seeing it than we are, replies Vaazaan as he organises for the crew to set the wormhole coordinates for planet Feyng. Vaazaan then makes his way back to his residential suite where he and Naadria are staying. As soon as he enters the suite his daughter Naadria comes bounding towards him anxiously.

Father, I do not want to go back home. Can we please just keep travelling until we find the people that own the spaceship you found? asks Naadria.

How did you find out about that? I was just talking about it. Were you eavesdropping on us via the ventilation shafts again, Naadria? How many times have I told you not to play around in those shafts. You are getting too big to be crawling around in there. They were never designed to hold our weight or even you, explains Vaazaan.

I am sorry father but I get so bored being stuck in this suite or at the education centre. I will try not to go in the shafts again father. May I please have a closer look at the alien ship? I could barely see it from inside the shafts, asks Naadria.

I was in fact going to show it to you. Come on then maybe you might have a better idea of what the strange language on it means than us, remarks Vaazaan as he and Naadria return to the hangar bay to take a much closer inspection of the unusual alien vessel.


Vaazaan and his daughter arrive at the hanger bay and on seeing the alien vessel Naadria rushes to it across the other side of the hangar.

This is amazing father. This is proof we are not alone. We must find out who made it and where it came from. It is so odd how it is made. It is nothing like our ships, exclaims Naadria as she runs her fingers along the strange alien ship.

Yes! It is like nothing we have ever seen my daughter and I am as anxious as you to find out who its owners are and from where it originated. That is why we are heading back home so promptly. Not to mention that our crew are very weary and will be glad to be back home. That I have no doubt about, replies Vaazaan.

Father, when we get back home I want to train to be able to be on board the first ship that will leave Feyng for the alien ships home world. I want to be high commander of the fleet as well, remarks Naadria.

We can all dream my daughter as to what may be. Let us first get home and you can return to school and see how you go from there, replies Vaazaan calmly.

Several days later my daughter and I returned home. She returned to her schooling and I commenced work attempting to decipher the strange language on the alien vessel with Xaarduen Caasumaan. Over the next few months Naadria's educational level had improved tremendously. It appeared she now had purpose and a goal. In the many years to come she was determined to complete it. Naadria would ultimately be the most influential Feyngarian since the creator Zaavuura and would change everything we thought and believed.

Ten Years Later

Naadria had grown to become a beautiful, intelligent and aggressive Feyngarian. Now twenty years old she was still not like any of us but she was extremely focused and was determined to be the first Feyngarian to meet the architects of the strange alien vessel. Caasumaan and I had recently translated the text and recordings on the alien vessel. They appeared to call their species Uhh-Marrns or uhhmuu Zaarpeeiens. Their planet is called Thuur to which Naadria is hoping to make contact as Grand Commander of the ship to Thuur. We had managed to trace back the location of this planet due to residue bacteria that we believe originated from planet Thuur.

Finally after many weeks of waiting for the new ship to be built and the launch to be authorised by the Grand Council, the day has finally arrived as a world broadcast is announced.

The Feyngarian deep space exploration vessel is now complete. All authorised personnel for the Thuur mission are to proceed to the Shaaduun Braachius now, States the world announcer as Naadria makes her way to Uundavaale's most grand and ancient structure. The Shaaduun Braachius was where all of the residents and every other person of all the cities of Feyng would come to meet and discuss only the most important matters concerning Feyng and its people.

Naadria makes her way down the twisting luminescent violet toned tunnels as she thinks of the few things she will miss when leaving this world for another. Her father Vaazaan who may not agree with how she is as a Feyngarian, but he always supported her in anything she wanted to do. He was also there for her when she needed someone to talk to when all others would ignore her. He may not have understood her but what mattered most was that he listened to every word Naadria had to say. Unfortunately her mother was not like her father at all. She was so appalled by Naadria's behaviour that she tried to distant herself from her daughter whenever she could. She would state she was just a lowly second cousin coming to visit from the great central volcanic slums and that was why her behaviour was so bad. It was because they did not know any better and lived like animals. Then when Naadria had just turned 8 years old her mother left her father Vaazaan and Naadria stating she could no longer stand Naadria's aggressive and alien behaviour. Also adding it was not at all befitting a Feyngarian and the daughter of a Xaarduen. Although many years later when Naadria was in her mid-teens it was discovered that the real reason her mother left was because of a much younger and very charming Feyngarian, Xaarduen Dorrzaan. Naadria never forgave her mother for leaving her father and herself. She had used her own daughter as an excuse and cover for her affair. Naadria was always taught that there were no wicked or vicious Feyngarians but she learnt that was a lie that all Feyngarians told themselves. Being so detached from them all she could see was the hypocrisy of their society. Many sick, poor and starving Feyngarians were ignored completely. People would just walk past them like they did not exist. All, except Naadria who would sneak food to them as often as she could. It was amongst such people that she made her only real friend on Feyng, another outcast like herself, an elderly Feyngarian called Aeonorra. Her crime was that she questioned the ideas of the creator Zaavuura one hundred years earlier. This was a very dark and troubling time on Feyng, a time of much religious control, monarchist dictatorship and suffering. It was under the rule of the Grand Empress Baazaavaanavaa who nearly destroyed Feyng's spirit with her control of every aspect of every day Feyngarian life.

Only Aeonorra stood up to her oppression and all that she was, was taken from her. All she was allowed to keep was herself. She was socially exiled for all time on the order of Baazaavaanavaa. Now many years after Baazaavaanavaa's death Aeonorra was still ignored by all. That was until Naadria came along after coming home from her father's first and last deep space exploration mission. Aeonorra always told me to stand up for what you believe in, be yourself and never lose hope. I took her words to heart and have been my own self much to the disapproval of Feyngarian society.

Soon though it will not matter anymore as I would either be going to planet Thuur or to become one of the ignored people of Feyng like Aeonorra.

I just hope I am not the latter, thinks Naadria as she finally makes it to the Shaaduun Braachius main entry. Once inside her father stands in the grand foyer waiting patiently for her. Once he sees her he smiles warmly and approaches her.


Shaaduun Braachius, Grand Foyer

Uundavaale, Planet Feyng

Dearest daughter Naadria- your day to ignite has come at last. All those years of training have led you here. I must admit at times I began to doubt whether this was ever going to be achievable and yet here we are. Soon we shall know whether you are destined to be among the sun and stars or to remain here with us more simple people. I am hoping Grand Chancellor Haastran will see that remaining here is not beneficial to your abilities and that you are meant for a far greater purpose. Please, Naadria, if you are given permission continue what I can no longer and find planet Thuur. Xaarduen Caasumaan thinks he has found the precise coordinates for planet Thuur but it cannot be correct as the dimensions of this object are far too large and elliptical for it to be a planet. I do not believe your mission will be as straight forward as the grand council would have you believe. Keep that factor in mind if and when you leave for planet Thuur. I am saddened that I cannot go with you but as you know I passed forty five years of age and thus I am now prohibited from piloting a spaceship or aircraft. I must remain here to represent our house Estaria with integrity and honour, states Vaazaan.

Yes father, I shall honour our family name and hold our integrity strong for the long mission ahead, replies Naadria.

Good, good! I can now rest at ease knowing our family's reputation is well taken care of. Now Naadria go and see what Grand Chancellor Haastran's decision is, says Vaazaan as Naadria cerebrally touches her father's forehead against hers affectionately and then enters the main meeting chamber of the Shaaduun Braachius.

Ah, Naadria Iridia Estaria you now stand before the grand and wise Chancellor Haastran. Greetings transitional child of Feyng. I must regrettably inform you that your request for position of Supreme commander has been denied, says Haastran.

Denied! Do you have any idea how many years I have trained for this. This was my lifelong dream and you have just shattered it in a few seconds. I suppose I am to be socially exiled now. Well if that is to be for me then I will not leave until you at least exile me into space with my own ship. I will never return to this forsaken world, says Naadria furiously.

"If you had let me continue I was going to add that however, due to your exemplary performance of your defensive and offensive capabilities we see that the position given to you will be guardian protector of the scout ship Juuzaavaanavaa. That we believe such fierce and aggressive behaviour is where it can be best focused and used for the benefit of the crew as a positive force. Your responsibilities will be for the assured safety and welfare of the ship's crew including any possible threats of attack from potential alien aggressors that you may encounter.

Your superior who you will obey and take orders from is Supreme Commander and Grand High Priest Luuvra. You will obey all commands that he will give you. Is that understood Naadria of House Estaria?" demands Haastran.

Yes Grand Chancellor Haastran, I will obey all commands from Supreme Commander Luuvra, says Naadria through gritted teeth.

Very good then. You should hurry along now and start packing and preparing yourself, young Estaria. You have a very long journey ahead of you. Farewell and may the Creator Zaavuura watch over you. Next please, states Haastran as Naadria leaves the Shaaduun Braachius with her father to pack and prepare for her arduous journey ahead, although having feelings that are bitter sweet.

Yes! I get to be able to leave Feyng and go to planet Thuur but I am just a passenger really with little to say. I think the only reason was because of my father. I am merely a political mechanism it seems in a far larger machine but to what end and how is Luuvra able to be Supreme Commander who is merely a promoted high priest. So many questions with no real answers. I will unravel this plot and find out why we are really going to planet Thuur. I am not so sure now that it is merely for scientific purposes and understanding. Perhaps father may have some ideas that I can discuss with him before I leave, says Naadria to herself as she goes to discuss with her father matters which concern her greatly. Not just for herself but for all Feyngarians.


Uundavaale Apartment Hub 81, Planet Feyng

Naadria returns to her father's residential apartment where he promptly greets her.

Naadria, you should be preparing yourself for your mission. As much as I relish your company here I do not want you to miss this grand opportunity that is laid before you now, says Vaazaan in worried tone.

It is okay father, I am ready and prepared but I am concerned about Grand High Priest Luuvra being my superior and what his true intentions really are. I do believe he has malevolent intent in his heart. I can feel it. Can you not feel it too father? asks Naadria.

I have certainly never liked nor trusted Grand High Priest Luuvra. His exterior shows a man of morals and compassion, but I know his heart is cold and blackened. He is indeed not to be trusted dear daughter. Tolerate obey his orders within reason to appease Grand Chancellor Haastran but be very wary of him my child for he is without doubt in good relations with the Grand Council. He should never have received the rank of Supreme Commander as he has no experience in commanding any vessel. There is indeed something nefarious at work here Naadria. Tread carefully on your great journey ahead and watch yourself vigilantly from all sides. I wish you well and I pray that the creator will bring you home safely, replies Vaazaan.

Farewell father! I will miss you most of all. I will try and bring something back from planet Thuur to show you, says Naadria as she mentally and physically embraces her father before finally leaving to go to the Uundavaale Space Centre where Naadria will be launched into space on board the great new exploration scout starship called the Juuzaavaanavaa and into deep space and onward to planet Thuur.


Uundavaale Space Centre, Planet Feyng

Naadria enters the bridge of the starship and then tightly straps herself into her seat which is positioned behind and to the left of Grand High Priest Luuvra who is now Supreme Commander Luuvra.

All systems have been checked and are marked positive for departure, says Flight Officer Vaazeemii

Very well. Activate and power-up all systems and standby for acceleration permission from Uundavaale Space Centre, states Luuvra.

Yes sir! Ready and standing by, replies Flight Officer Vaazeemii.

Starship Juuzaavaanavaa, you are clear for acceleration and launch. You may proceed now. Farewell and may the creator protect you all, states the space control officer as the Juuzaavaanavaa then suddenly blasts downward into planet Feyng at extreme velocity and then spins around the launch accelerometer becoming faster and faster. The accelerometer itself then flies out of planet Feyng while the Juuzaavaanavaa still spins madly and insanely fast in circles inside it.

The Accelerometer finally reaches planet Feyng's thick upper atmosphere and to the edge of space. It then spins around one more time. Then it slingshots the Juuzaavaanavaa outside of it and onwards to deep space at a velocity many times faster than the speed of light.

"Guardian Protector Naadria, activate the predefined wormhole to planet Thuur at once. We shall now see if we really are