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The Children of Isador

441 pages6 hours


An Epic Fantasy Adventure.
The Morg, savage invaders from an unknown land far to the south, sack Isador's coastline. Less than a year later, they have gained control of nearly half of the continent.
After centuries of civil-war, the four races that inhabit Isador: the Ennadil, Orinians, Tarzark and Gremul, refuse to band together. No one comes to the Ennadil's aid as the Morg's war machine quickly moves north, killing or enslaving all that oppose them.
Morgarth Evictar leads the Morg. A powerful warlock bent on vengeance, Evictar has returned to his homeland after a long exile to claim it for his own. With only the City States of Orin yet to fall - victory lies within Evictar's grasp.
Can Isador be saved or is it too late?

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