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Noah's Ark: A Novel

320 pages5 hours


Ali Bobrow is an otherworldly single parent with an overwrought nine-year-old daughter, a malevolent ex and his grabby new wife, and an underused artistic talent. A pushover when it comes to needy neighbors and uninvited children, she allows her house to be the local drop-in center, until she collides with Noah Glazer, who falls for her pale red hair. A solid man of science, Noah walks into her over-populated life bringing good sense, order, and security. But ten years later, Ali is drawn back into the complexities of her past; an old lover, two ex-spouses, a colleague from clown school, and a small smuggled cat all help to rock the boat.

"Why did it take me so long to discover the singular joys of Barbara Trapido's novels? Why, for so many years, had I missed these witty, soulful, heartbreaking, expansive, brilliant tales? I have become a literary evangelist on her behalf." --Elizabeth Gilbert

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