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How to Impress Everyone Favorably at First Sight: Body Language and Personality Development

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Table of Contents

Are You Trying Too Hard to Impress?
How Do I Get Out Of Here!
Glib Persuasive Talk
Defensive Measures and Confidence
Physical and Mental Attractiveness
Socially Unacceptable Behavior
Oh, Those Gestures!
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I was reading a book written in the beginning of the 20th century, where the well-run-after hero says, “If a woman has to make an impression upon me, let her show that she is not out to impress me.”

Spoken like any cynical person, who is a bit spoiled, just because everybody wants to get close to him, possibly because of his personality and of course his bulging bank balance. No wonder he is tired of matchmaking mamas and even more mercenary women intending to trap him into matrimony.

Things have not changed a century later because one of the innate instincts of mankind, even today, is to make a good first impression on everyone you meet, naturally, and as a matter of soothing your own ego! Also remember that human beings are really much less patient, than they were one hundred years ago, and they are quicker to make their own decisions about you, based on the first visual, audio, and vocal impact. So the first time you meet somebody, and he is impressed with your personality, until of course you open your mouth, let out a couple of four letter words, and the giggle in a high pitched tone, after you have said something vicious or unforgivable, which according to you is funny and witty, see him run for his life.

You were trying to impress and show everyone around you how different you were from the common herd. You only happened to make yourself more ridiculous in the eyes of your audience, but unless you are one hundred percent egotistical, self-absorbed, and wrapped up in yourself with an overblown narcissistic mental attitude, you need to recognize the impression you make on the people around you.

This is where body language comes in. Also, this is where you get to know about how powerful a first impression is, especially when somebody is trying to make one on you, or you are trying to make one on someone else. I remember a mother, who was trying to influence her son to be interested in a young lady, who was pretty, personable, stylish, fashionable, financially secure, and who belonged to the same social background and strata as the mother and son. “Mom,” he said, “K might be everything you say, but have you heard her speak? Three minutes of talking with her, and she told me how she had met some very important people, that very morning, how well known her own family is, how rich, how influential, and everyone should know that she belongs to a royal family. And you and I know that it is definitely not true. You want me to marry such a self-deluding, self-absorbed show off? ”

How many of us are not very happy with our own personal backgrounds, and have begun making up a dream world of our own? I was just reading Patrick Dennis’s very satirical farcical, spoof autobiography of Belle Poitrine, [the inside joke is that her name in French means beautiful bust line/bosom.]

This totally brainless, self-absorbed idiot considers herself to belong to a good family, because her mother works in a splendid house of which the owner is called “Madam.” And anybody with two bits of sense can understand what sort of house that was! But this clown decides that this gives her an aristocratic background, higher education, and even royal relations.

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