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Awakening of the Moon and Other Stories

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AWAKENING OF THE MOON AND OTHER STORIES offers a trio of short fantastical stories for readers of any age to enjoy. Each story contains a strong female lead who endures various hardships in a world that is not their own.
In “Awakening of the Moon”, young college student Bryn Canter, is tasked with keeping the wild Fenrir at bay, all the while being burdened with the powers of a Norse god. Will she be able to control the power or will the trickster god’s mischievous acts cause chaos on Earth?
“Beast Tamer” tells the tale of a young woman who discovers the secret behind her mysterious birthmark and finds her future. Tamika Roulind lives in a small city country called Dains. Ever since she was young, she could talk to and understand animals. One day while running from her hometown, she and her wyvern Tryl, comes across a large mysterious dragon and an even stranger city where humans are forbidden.
And finally, in “Darkness Descends”, Airi Hunter lived a regular life. Until she finds a severely injured black beast with a golden chain wrapped around it. Airi reads the inscription on the chain and is then swallowed by mysterious flames. She awakens to a demanding figure engulfed with the same violet flames that had brought her there.

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