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Chasing Reality, Flawed: Chasing Reality, #3

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In 2254 The Americans learn of England's 'first-contact'.  A space ship is sent in search of Planet, Stoffia, expected to take many years to reach its destination. On board are a crew of 200, along with 300 passengers. But these are no ordinary people.

In 2264, Laura has just found out that her partner, Tarik, is hiding something concerning his solution to rid Stoffia of the smog which still covers most of the planet. But things become complicated as Tarik, like Laura, is telepathic, but he has a greater power, able to control minds.

In a race to stop the solution from being certified by the government, Jack and Laura hatch a plan to stop him, but things go horribly wrong. They are discredited and it looks like Tarik is going to be a rich man.

Can anyone stop him before his flawed solution ruins everything?

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