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One of Seven

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History says the world was formed and then it ended. In the midst of darkness, it began again. Through ages of Rebirth, Discovery, Expansion, Progression and War, humanity reshaped the face of earth wherever their feet treaded. Now, as an unknown darkness begins its rise, the world ushers in a new age.

In a tale that dares to reimagine life thousands of years ago. One of Seven follows ordinary people as they embark on a journey as their paths collide. With the fate of the world at stake, they face an unknown future with no certainty of survival.

Two books in one, Ten Thousand Witnessed sets the stage as the age of war ends and the Age of Hope, awakening a long forgotten prophecy. The Torna Scroll follows Thayer Hygard, a young boy thrown into the greatest battle of Good and Evil the world has yet to face. If he accepts his destiny, he could be the very key to saving the world.

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