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Jumpers 2: SQUAD, #2

104 pages1 hour


Ben’s time to get his memories back is running out. Fast.
The Spasm—a solar event that affected millions on Earth—has wiped out Ben’s memories. He hopes to piece his past back together the only way he can, by using the superpower the Spasm has bestowed on him—an ability to travel across time.

Davor City needs him more than ever now. As does Shilpa, the mysterious girl who helped him fight off the murderous rogue from Psionic H. But when the trickle of memories stops, Ben has little interest left to use his powers for good.

Will Ben be willing to help the city before the Psionics rip it apart? What will it take for Ben to care again?

Jumpers 2 is the second book in the SQUAD series, featuring a band of accidental superheroes along with non-stop action, surprising plot twists, and compelling characters. If you like fast-paced adventure, thrilling paranormal powers, and dark conspiracies, then you’ll love this page-turning book from author S. G. Basu.

Pick up Jumpers 2 to enjoy this exciting new series today!

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