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Naja Li's Guide to Dying: a Book about Death as a Gateway to the Love that Exists Beyond Time

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Using a form of knowing made popular by Neale Donald Walsch, Naja Li's unique insight stands outside all religious and philosophical traditions. This book is dedicated to those who wish to have a peaceful death and offers a rare insight into what lies beyond.

The first part of the book builds on knowledge introduced in earlier books such as the ancient Feng Shui Masters' observations about the nature of being, as well as the difference between the 'consequences of action' and true Karma. The second part of the book contains information that deals more directly with the process of death and includes a prayer for the dying.

The reason dying was once considered an art is because of the possibility of failure to ascend to the realm of peace. For, as the ancient Feng Shui Masters knew, to die as one you must have peace in your heart.

The message of this book is that peaceful death is nothing to do with body, only with the heavenly presence within. To know a peaceful death we must open our hearts to love.

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