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Journey To The Golden City: Finding The Way Home

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Journey to the Golden City: Finding the Way Home is a pilgrimage, the destination is the heart. Following a life-changing experience Vicki Burke shares her quest to discover the connection between all things. She unearths a map which shows how the year’s seasonal journey offers a mirror to the relationship we each have with our life experiences, our spiritual path and astrology. These insights offer keys to many doors, all of which will lead us back to the one door that takes us home. Combining ancient ways and wisdom with her personal understanding of the world, Vicki Burke weaves her ideas around twelve archetypal stories, taking the reader on an uplifting, autobiographical journey filled with wonder and synchronicity. Believing that synchronicity can bring back meaning and direction into our lives, Vicki explores the idea that if we are receptive to the magic, we can begin to discover our own personal story and true purpose. The holistic approach of Journey to the Golden City will appeal to readers who are looking to be inspired by books from the Mind, Body, Spirit genre and are wishing to embark on a journey of self-awareness and inner contentment. Offering some key philosophical ideas, as well as personal stories from Vicki’s own experiences, this book demonstrates how extraordinary things can happen to ordinary people. This book is accompanied by a CD download, Keys to the Golden City: A Musical Journey around the Cosmos, which follows the same format as the book: a twelve step performance which reveals the many gifts available to us as we travel through the seasonal, astrological cycle with a song for each stage.

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