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Betrayed: Dardanos: The Adrastos, #4

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Iahanna Woald was never meant to be a leader.

She was a healer, and the vampire goddess forbade them from leading.

But when no one else of her bloodline was able to lead the ancient Dardaptoan family of Woald, only Iahanna could fill the void. 

Now she led the most despised family House of the Dardaptoan Kind.

Iahanna still had the bruises on her skin from an altercation with an Adrastos to prove exactly how welcomed the Woalds were in this new demon world.

She had no choice but to ask the ruler of this new city for help. For her family wanted to leave this demon city for another. One where her people wouldn't be so despised.

Havrich Adrastos was one of the most notable warriors of all times, and tasked with protecting the city of Thrun. He was charged with ensuring that every family had what they needed to be safe and thrive in this new place—even the small House of Woald.

How was he to convince Iahanna to stay where she would be safer when his own father wanted her gone?

How was he going to convince the mate destined for him by the very goddess of their people that even though he was an Adrastos he would never betray her?

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